Transitions to sustainability, lifestyles changes and human wellbeing: cultural, environmental and political challenges

Rome, July 9-13 2018

Focus Theme

The theme of the 25th Iaps 2018 Rome Conference follows coherently with the themes of the last Conferences in Lund/Alnarp, Timisoara, Glasgow and Leipzig. The theme of the last IAPS conference underlined the importance of the everyday life contexts to understand people-environment relations. In Rome 2018 we will go further along this thematic stream, and focus on the transition processes needed to achieve more sustainable societies at the global, regional and local level. The theme we propose is therefore referred to the “Transitions to sustainability, lifestyles and human wellbeing: cultural, environmental and political challenges”.

To achieve a significant shift towards a more sustainable relation between humans and their daily life environments, the need of a radical lifestyle change is increasingly recognised, at the scientific, political and public opinion level. The transition to a low-carbon, more inclusive and open society has already started, under the push of different democratic instances and driving forces. To sustain this transition, and to manage the related cultural, economic and political processes, people-environment studies have a fundamental role to play. The integrated contribution of the different scientific disciplines, with the diversity of approaches, theories, and methods that are traditionally hosted within the IAPS community, represents an opportunity and a tool to understand this dynamics and, in turn, to help decision makers in improving policy and governance instruments to face these challenges.

Therefore, the conference works will focus around these issues, and will try to address important questions in this domain, such as, for example: How can we realise transitions towards sustainability in the real world? What are drivers, triggers, instruments – but also the obstacles and limits to these transitions? Which is the role of the key actors and networks to advance sustainability transitions in practice: individuals, groups, communities, and institutions? How can scientific results impact societal challenges in practice, and how can we provide effective and evidence-based knowledge about the fundamental role of people-environment studies in this process? What concrete examples and best-practices can we look at, for helping sustainability transitions towards a low-carbon and more inclusive society? Which role can real-world and laboratory experiments play to change our lifestyles and increase our pro-environmental behaviour?

Important Dates

  • Call for proposed Symposiums

    Acceptance notification: November 13th 2017

  • Call for Abstract

    Oral presentation and poster submission opens: November 15th 2017
    Oral presentation and poster submission deadline (both for the conference and the YRW):
    January 7th 2018 (midnight, CET)
    Acceptance notification: February 28th 2018

  • Application for attending Young Researchers Workshop deadline: January 21st 2018

  • Full paper submission deadline for YRW: April 1st 2018 (at midnight, CEST)

  • Authors’ registration deadline: April 22nd 2018 (at midnight CEST)

25th IAPS Conference (Rome, July 8-13 2018)



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Symposium Acceptance Notification

October 31st, 2017|Comments Off on Symposium Acceptance Notification

The IAPS 2018 Conference Secretariat and Scientific Committee inform all authors that the acceptance notification for the Call for Proposed Symposium has been postponed to November 13th 2017.
Therefore, please note that the oral presentation and poster submission […]

Submission deadline extension

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IAPS 2018 Call for Proposed Symposium
Please note that the submission deadline has been extended to October 22nd 2017 (midnight, CET).

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Call for proposed Symposiums

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Call for proposed Symposiums

The 25th IAPS Call for oral presentation and poster opens on November 15th 2017

Please note: the submission deadline (both for the conference and the YRW) is January 7th 2018 (midnight, CET)Upload your Proposal!